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NovaGold, LLC specializes in private transactions for buying and selling diamonds, fine estate jewelry, coins and precious metals. We handle both large and small estates. Our company provides the best possible education to our clients regarding their estate jewelry.

Our expert Gemologists provide a private venue to evaluate and educate our clients about 
their jewelry. We will provide a strategic plan to maximize the value of each client’s estate. All evaluations are completed cost free with no obligation and we provide a written estimate based on fair market value. Gold prices are set daily, based on the London Second Fix.

Gold, diamonds and gemstones have increased in value significantly. Many clients are selling us their unwanted, unused, broken or out of style gold jewelry. Due to low overhead, we are able to offer the highest payouts in the area. When a client comes to us, they experience the testing process on each piece of jewelry. The gold content of each item is determined and weighed. A value is provided based on those two factors: the karat content of the gold and the weight. 

We are proud to be a trusted source for estate transactions, and 
will provide references upon request.